We manufacture, sell and install the highest quality mineral based stains and paints.

History of Permatint

PermaTint was established in 1999 by its founder Gary Jepson, who had over twenty years of experience in the masonry restoration industry.

After encountering day to day problems of mismatched bricks, and discontinued product lines, the partners of PermaTint decided to venture to Europe where changing and matching colours of bricks had been a trade for many years.

After many months of intense researching, studying and training, PermaTint had perfected their expertise in the art of brick tinting and were ready to commence operations in North America to establish its presence in the masonry place.

PermaTint uses a silicate-based masonry stain to lighten, darken or completely change the colour of brick, stone and mortar joints. Our tinting is undertaken on an individual job-by-job basis, as no two site requirements are the same. As suitable materials do not always guarantee a successful result, the skill of the technician applying the materials is of prime importance. As our highly trained tinters have the ability to create virtually unlimited colours, we have every confidence that we can resolve any brick or masonry colour problem you may encounter.

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