Our Brick Staining Services

We offer all types of brick staining sevices for your home or business

Custom Brick Matching

Our specialty
If your project requires a brick that no longer exists, we can produce a match using existing brick stocks.

Correcting Dye Lots Issues

Fix Colour Problems
If your new brick or stone has colour problems from the manufacturing process, we can tint the units to correct them.

Poor Masonry Repairs

Quick Fix
If a repair has been completed and it stands out, we can tint the area to blend with the original.

Decorative Work

A Pretty Look
Adding quoins and window accents by adding custom colour to the bricks at these locations.


Make Everything Uniform
New brick being used on an addition to the existing brick.

Producing Custom Brick Lines

Custom Work
Have your bricks delivered to our shop, and we can produce a custom colour(s) for your project.


Vintage Feel
New masonry to maintain heritage integrity.

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