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A Complete Guide to Brick Staining

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The Brick Staining Process

Change the colour of your home or office

Our tints are comprised of a combination of pigments and an aqueous based chemical solution to lighten, darken or completely change the colour of a masonry unit to best match your project’s original or required colour. This tinting formulation has been chosen as it allows the masonry to “breathe” in exactly the same manner as untreated surfaces and therefore the ongoing natural weathering of the building is unaffected.

Our tinting process is not a surface treatment, but rather penetrates into the substrate and upon curing creates a durable bond that permanently locks in the colour. Our fixing agent literally petrifies within the substrate rendering them inseparable. Our tints are light, fast, U.V. resistant and unaffected by frost. (For more on the test results click here).

Additionally the chemical agent in our tints, by its nature, deters the growth of fungus and algae. Our tint is effective on brick, mortar joints, concrete, stone and pre-cast. As a general rule, if a masonry surface can absorb water, it will take our stain well.

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