brick staining – silazur

1020 SiLazur

Interior/Exterior Silicate Stain

1020 SiLazur is a highly durable, semi-transparent mineral stain for interior and exterior use.  1020 SiLazur is designed to appear completely natural on the surface and can be diluted to any degree with 1050 PrimaSil in order to increase transparency.

  • Features:

    • Breathable, anti-microbial, mildew resistant, non-combustible
    • Bonds by chemical reaction inside the surface
    • Natural, semi-transparent finish. Example – if your wall has 3 different colors of brick (red/brown/orange) and you apply a grey shade of 1020 SiLazur, the result will be 3 shades of grey.  It will react differently on the various background colours (similar to how wood stain still shows the grain of the wood).  (see pictures – note how the background shows through)
    • Comprised of more than 96% natural minerals, odorless and O VOC
    • Highly vapor permeable and water repellent
    • Will never blister or peel
    • Available in all colors on our chart

    1020 SiLazur covers approx. 200 – 240 sq ft per gallon although coverage can vary substantially depending on the surface type.  It can be applied by brush, roller or airless sprayer.

  • Technical Data Sheet
    MSDS Sheet
    Colour Chart