1050 PrimaSil

Primer, Thinner, Transparent Stain

1050 PrimaSil is a clear primer, conditioner and thinner for mineral based stains and paints.  It is vapor permeable and helps to balance the surface absorbency prior to applying finish coats.

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    • Used to prime highly absorbent surfaces prior to applying finish coats. This will prevent the mineral binders in our stains/paints from soaking in too deep which can cause a ‘chalky’ finish.
    • Stabilizes any mineral surface that has loose or powdery particles. Acts as a fixative and strengthens older surfaces that are disintegrating.
    • Evens out surface absorbency to prevent uneven absorption of finish coats.
    • Used to dilute mineral stains and paints to increase transparency or fluidity

    1050 PrimaSil is milky white, dries clear and covers approx. 200 – 240 sq ft per gallon although coverage can vary substantially depending on the surface type.

    When used as a primer, 1050 PrimaSil should dry for a minimum of 4 hours before applying a finish coat (although 24 hours of drying is recommended).

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